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1. "Will the dvd play on a Mac and PC?" = It is designed to play on both systems.
2. "What if I don't have adobe reader?" = You can direct download from our Home Page & Sample Page.
3. "Is the dvd guaranteed against damage?" = We will replace it if damage is done in shipment.
4. "Is the dvd meant for multiple users?" = The dvd should be used for one desktop and one laptop.
5. "Should I do the exercises in place of any therapy I am receiving?" = No. If you have any doubts or concerns about the exercises demonstrated and described in the dvd you should talk with your doctor. The exercises are not meant to replace any therapy you are receving.
6. "What should I do if I think my workstation is causing me problems and I think it needs some change?" = Contact your manager.
7. "Is there a discount on bulk orders?" = Yes, please go to our Contact Page and fill out the amount needed.


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