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"Tom Caffrey has been instrumental in the development and management of our ergonomics program at Dow Jones. His employee-focused, on-site analytical approach to investigate the real root causes of ergonomic concerns has significantly reduced costs and lost work time in our offices, while improving the health of our employees."

Paul Jakubski
Manager, Corporate Environmental & Safety
Dow Jones & Company, Inc.

Finding the right approach can prevent more serious problems that require medical or surgical attention, as this editor of a major newspaper learned:

"...I haven&##39;t had any prolonged problems since I started doing the new exercises...the stretching definitely helps...I only wish I had come to see you before I went to that orthopedic surgeon!...Thanks much again for your help."

Senior Special Writer, The Wall Street Journal

In our experience many muscle-based problems are not evaluated and treated properly, and can lead to unnecessary surgery. While surgery may ultimately be needed, one should look for other options to correct the problem before it deteriorates. MyoFactors offers such options. Our unique approach to correct ergonomics and muscle function has very likely prevented many medical complications.

"Tom Caffrey has not only been amazingly effective at helping people here with RSI problems, he has been instrumental in building an ergonomics program in our company to prevent future problems."

Timothy Lemmer
Ergonomist for the Wall Street Journal
Dow Jones Ergonomics Committee Leader

I have played tennis twice since I last spoke to you. I had no pain in my hand or my arm. Thank goodness for small things. At least I feel that I can go out and play again."


Pain can affect many aspects of our lives; and that&##39;s true for play as well as work. It&##39;s always tough to have to stop doing something you love. Sports is just one of them; but a very important one. So while the pain bothered Margo while at performing her job, it was sufficiently bothersome to prevent her from enjoying tennis. When we corrected some of her muscle imbalance and thereby improved her muscle function, she was able to return to her game.

The techniques used by MyoFactors have been proven effective in both industrial and clinical settings. The aim for anybody is, of course, reduction or elimination of pain with improvement in performance and in quality of life.

"I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Tom for over 15 years. His highly effective work has been on the cutting edge of neuromuscular retraining."

Theodore J. Batlas, PsyD, Director
Neuropsychology & Counseling Associates
(Multi-dimensional firm that specializes in Traumatic Brain Injuries and Pain Management)

Whether one receives health-care provided by MyoFactors or from other health-care professionals, medical problems often continue or keep recurring if the underlying cause or aggravating factor is not corrected. In the following example, this worker was receiving regular chiropractic care but continued to have worsening pain and numbness. In this case her livelihood was in jeopardy because of the symptoms. Several corrections were made in both her workstation and her postures and movements.

"Dear Tom,
Thank you so much for stopping check the recommended for me. I felt immediate relief from just installing the new equipment. But now that I see how it should be tilted and placed relative to the monitor and arm rest, my hands feel even better.
I was afraid my career as a tech writer/tester was about to come to a speedy halt because my hands were getting so numb but you have shown me how I can continue to work in this field!

All the best,
Carol A. VK, Ph.D., Tech Writer/Tester

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