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The human body either rests or engages in activity. We define different sub-categories of each state and label them, for examples, sleep and meditation or exercise, sport, recreation and occupation. How well we “do” these various categories can significantly impact our health and quality of life.

Conquer Electric Treadmill Standing / Walking Desk, Automatic Height ...**

Over the past two-plus decades, I have worked with many employees of large corporations that work in both the corporate buildings and in their homes. My evaluations always identify problems with worker technique and frequently identify equipment problems. After that, I must determine how much those problems relate to the equipment and furniture and how much they relate to the employees’ lack of understanding about the importance of their interaction–their behavior–with the environment.

I have confidence that most workers in a computer office do not pay much attention to their occupational technique, primarily because know one ever educated them about the importance of doing so and secondarily because they don’t have a sense that a tiny mouse or a keyboard can hurt them.

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But then one day a twinge in the wrist, an ache in the neck and back, or a shooting pain down the leg grabs a worker’s attention, and motivates them to make the necessary changes to heal that injury and prevent a new one.

So, people need to understand that their technique in the “performance” of their job impacts their health in a similar way that their technique affects their health when engaging in other physical activities such as yoga, dance or fitness workouts. It all counts!


** I do NOT recommend treadmill desks