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The Workstation is Your Sport, Your Gym…

The human body either rests or engages in activity. We define different sub-categories of each state and label them, for examples, sleep and meditation or exercise, sport, recreation and occupation. How well we “do” these various categories can significantly impact our health and quality of life. ** Over the past two-plus decades, I have worked with […]

Seek Professional Help

Good office ergonomics requires the selection of the right furniture and equipment, correct layout and configuration of it and then good technique while interacting with everything. In the large corporate environment, furniture and equipment is typically standardized; and while the company may have selected industrial-grade furniture and standard monitors, keyboards and mice, the configuration is […]

Home Office Ergonomics: Both the “How” and the “What” matter

For most of my nearly 25-year career, I have worked in large corporate offices in major cities. Occasionally I worked in a factory setting. In fact, it was from one of those experiences in a major company that I helped complete a published study, of which I was the principal author. But the office environment […]