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“In the late 90s, we had no control over the spending in this (repetitive strain injury or RSI) area. Reporters and others were going to GPs, internists, chiropractors, physiotherapists and other self proclaimed medical carpal tunnel syndrome (RSI) experts with little or no effect. The medical solution most often offered was surgery on the wrists or forever ($) treatments…Before we engaged Tom, our costs if the services were appropriate, were expensive. Usually the services were not appropriate and therefore the Company received no value for its spend. He has successfully treated hundreds of employees, several of which would’ve gone on disability had they not received treatment. We believe that over the years we have saved Dow Jones & Co money in the W/C (workers compensation) and Medical and Disability cost areas and improved overall productivity.”

John Maiorana, Dow Jones & Co, Corporate Risk Manager

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“My worklife in the office and working remotely really helped from all your guidance and ergonomic expertise.
Thank you very much for your contributions.”

GF, Visual Editor