MyoFactors – Ergonomics

Let us do for you what we've done for thousands:
work better and feel better!

We help identify ergonomic and behavioral risk factors that are associated with discomfort, in many areas of the body, and then work with you to lower or eliminate your risk factor profile by improving the workstation–however minimally–and how your body interacts with it.

  • Neck and upper back
  • Shoulders
  • Arms, wrists and hands
  • Lower back
  • Head

How can reaching for a laptop, a 3 oz mouse and 3 lb keyboard cause so many problems?

In most cases, they can’t because they are rarely the cause; but we are. As with so many human activities, the manner in which we use our bodies to complete tasks often determines if we can do so in a healthy manner or in a way that results in injury. So, our technique matters, even when using a little mouse. When an athlete, dancer or musician uses awkward postures and movements, they will most likely experience discomfort and, ultimately, an injury, and their performance will suffer. However computer users can work awkwardly and not see their performance suffer, because they get immediate feedback from their monitors. Eventually, however, a twinge of pain is felt in the wrist or neck or tingling is experienced in the hand, and then performing one’s job–and all daily activities–becomes difficult.
Whenever we move throughout each day in both simple and complicated tasks, we can do so with the fluidity of a skilled athlete or with the cumbersome manner of an untrained novice. Let MyoFactors help you release the inner athlete, to help you improve your health and your quality of life.

“Thanks, Tom! I think you have single-handedly done more to improve my life this past year than anyone else… thanks! I appreciate that every day. Thanks again for all! I’m so happy with my new (work-from-home) setup, thanks to you.”

EB, Reporter, Miami

. . . . . . . . . . . .

“Tom, Thank you for your help in diagnosing and suggesting ergonomic equipment. Last week was the very first week I did not have headaches, neck aches and shoulder aches at the end of each day. I did not put it together until we first talked. I am so happy to be feeling better with my home set up. I truly cannot believe the difference.”

CF, Sales Colorado

. . . . . . . . . . . .

“Thomas, I love the stand-up set-up. It’s amazing…I feel better, thank you! I have no discernible back pain!”

JS, Reporter, London