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“Thomas, I have had no discomfort or pain issues since I bought the chair you recommended. Thanks.”

JL, Reporter, Barcelona

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“Thomas, I haven’t had any pain in my neck or shoulders since I started using the standing desk and the ergonomic chair. I change posture often and I take breaks to stretch, which, combined with the amazing furniture I have, is really making a difference. I’m extremely happy with my workspace now; it’s been the highlight of the pandemic! I want to thank you for helping me.”

MS, Reporter, Barcelona

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“Tom, Hey Tom. The new set up is much better. The tennis/golf elbow isn’t completely gone, but there is much improvement. It’s nice to be able to sit up straight and not scrunch my elbows while working. THanks for your help and guidance in all of this. It’s a nice home set up now”

CW, Editor, NY